Начало Спорт Футбол „Бдин“ се сдоби с 3 точки в Лесичери срещу ОФК „Павликени“

„Бдин“ се сдоби с 3 точки в Лесичери срещу ОФК „Павликени“


In the complete absence of judicial support Pavlikeni losses worthy of the team Bdin Lesicheri 1:3 in the first meeting of the spring round of the Northwest „B“ group.

Borislav Boyanov opened the scoring for the visitors Vidin with a free kick in the 32 minute. To head for precise 2:0 was the captain and top scorer for Bdintsi Tsvetomir Todorov. The goal was his 15th in the league. Shortly before the end of the game with a long free kick the symbolic host Pavlikeni got one back. In the ensuing attack Denis Nikolov fix the final 3:1 for Bdin. The players from Vidin missed a penalty, awarded for a foul on Tsvetelin Anzhelov. The home keeper parried by the white point of the new addition Vasil Kaloianov.

Chief referee showed Rosen Ganovski cardboard with yellow Tsvetomir Todorov, Tsvetan Tsvetanov and Ivaylo Ivanov from Vidin formation.