Начало Новини Изкуство Presenting „Zorro“, an art exhibit by Nadjim Bigou-Fathi

Presenting „Zorro“, an art exhibit by Nadjim Bigou-Fathi


Pavlikeni City Gallery presents a solo exhibition „Zorro“ by Nadjim Bigou-Fathi.

The exposition will be from 26.05 through 31.05.2018. The opening is at 6:00 p.m.

Bigou-Fathi’s (b. 1990 France) artistic practice evolves around sculptures, installations, performance, design and architecture. He explores and situates unbalanced, or even all too balanced; authoritarian or lacking structures in which the public often has to choose to break or to follow. Nadjim’s work is about transforming space through the action of habiter (to live/ to dwell). It necessarily involves the notion of limitation which structures power relations between beings, whether between humans, animals or objects. Indeed most of his practice is about limits of functionality that is dictated by a need and the notion of primitive adaptation. This is Bigou-Fathi’s first exhibition in Bulgaria.

The event’s FB page could be found here.

Martin Petrov

Pavlikeni City Gallery
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